Sunday, March 7, 2010


Soooo i've moved blog.. to my companies SMJ Entertainment.. keep upto date here..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Cannot express how happy i am to see everything come together. Both of these nights are going to be amazing, trust me! I hope to see whoever read's this there...and thank you in advance for your support!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On a side note.

This is my motivation to train harder

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


To give you a brief summary, All The Rage will help raise awareness of the diversity of those affected by autism and the importance of getting them practical support, which is what we provide.
Our campaign is about raising awareness of autism in a way that hasn't been done before...

Our mantra is 'You Thought You Knew...You Didn't'..

Know one has any idea how close this is to my heart...NO ONE. In fact that's probly why some things don't work out the way i want it too, as it's too personal for me and i get caught up, which is why i have to step back at time and balance my mind out.

The support i have received has been amazing, simply amazing, the advice from people has been priceless. I love independent women and have been fortunate to be around or in the same area of some amazing women and to see them acknowledge me and recognize my work when i've only just started is an unbelievable compliment that i couldn't possibly explain....And the best thing is, some of them never really paid any attention to me till they saw what i was doing which means i must be doing something right.. .......right?


Back From LA...

...And haven't got time for much, All The Rage is well on it's way and i'm excited & nervous at the same time, wow this is really happening, from me sitting down & imagining it!

Shows you what happens when you set your mind to something.


Friday, July 17, 2009



Through this amazing woman's tremendous success and compliments from around the world (literally), from the empire she has created, Melody has been the same person and treated me exactly the same from the first day I met her over 3 years ago. That say's alot about somebody and for that I am very grateful to know Ms Melody Ehsani... And this is just the beginning.


'Success is not a place at which one arrives, but rather the spirit with which one undertakes the journey'
Alex Noble



Recently i had to take myself back to a certain place.... the place where i first saw the vision and why i chose to do what i'm still doing now. I'm human and it's easy to get carried away in i guess the 'hype', what i also remembered is what my father always says to me, 'you never know what's the round the corner'. That can be in a good or bad way i guess, but it's something i carry and always appreciate what i have, people who are around me and who i can actually call friends.

All The Rage is a partnership between my company SMJ Entertainment & Resources For Autism.

I always remember when i first went to one of the nights with some of the children, at the time on a personal level i was always having problems with a friend, when i left the children and then recieved a not so nice messgae from the 'friend', i was ok, how could i not be, i haven't had to suffer, i always have food on the table and have an amazing family who love and support me and i can express how i feel if i want too. These children cannot. There not stupid, infact they have better manners than most people i meet on a day-to-day basis. I do believe they are mistunderstood and i believe EVERYONE deserves equal opportunity.

I just want you to ask yourself, how would you feel if you was hurting, suffering, simply wanted to explain how you feel and couldn't?

I realised that sometimes i let things bother me which in reality i don't need too, and i have to take myself back to why i wanted to create All The Rage.

These children haven't got a choice and yet when i looked one of the boys in the eyes i captured a feeling which left me feeling overwhelmed. I could never explain that feeling.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Please sign our movement.. its takes less than 30 seconds!

You can visist my blog so surely you can do this too ;)

For you

'Opinions are like assholes. Some are very shitty'

Solange Knowles (she said it, i'm not saying it to her)

Couldn't of said it better...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quote for my life.

I'll be nicer if you'll be smarter

It's that simple.


The last few months have been crazy & done SO much in London & LA so figured I'd upload random BB pic's, which actually apart from 1st 2 are in LA...hope you enjoy. All pics from my Blackberry, hint the quality isn't the best!

He didn't want me to leave and knows exactly what to do to make me feel guilty!!!!

Apart from having the best Spa, Hairdressers and anything else luxury you could want in an airport lounge (including, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, get the picture), I was way more in Love with the seats in Virgin's VIP Lounge.
(Heathrow Airport, London)

My view from my LA apt. from my Blackberry - literally this doesn't even do it justice.

Most likely my fave trainers right now, i got very excited when i saw them..very & nothings beat them yet..

My crazy hilarious LA girls, I love them!
View from my LA office, I have a strong love for Beverly Hills, this picture is a good reason.

Don't be fooled by her stunning looks, this girl is the baddest business women! You have NO idea!
On way to Rich Hil's show in LA @ the Key Club.
(which was a great night)

At The Melody Eh$ani fashion house, one of the nicest genuine people I know in LA. Amazing inspiration.
This kid about to be famous! Student C/Hypes - Crazy Producer - hear him on Rich Hil's mixtapes (
The bitch went form being my best friend to my worst enemy, I don't share food, she didn't all!!!
Just want you want to hear when you park your car to go up the lift (elevator for Americans). Gotta love LA.
My baby cousin is going to be a mini-me, she has no choice in the matter. She's not even 1 and has more trainers (sneakers Americans) than my brothers together, someone has to follow in my footsteps...literally!

If you want to get in touch with me, All the R@ge is the best way, my life right now. Thanks to everyone in LA who got involved, part 2 coming up :)Ok i'm done lol


I either have to keep this brief or i'll give you an essay - welcome Rich Hil, in simple words, a legend, loner & a stoner + more...

When i talk about him, people always ask who does he sound like and to this day i've never been able to give a comparison, all i can say is visit his site and see for yourself -

All i can say is that iv never listened to an artists in the last few years and felt something special like i do with Rich, his lyrics are on another level - a level that not all will get but should appreciate.

I call Rich a genius. I don't call many people a genius.

I'm excited for Rich Hil's future.


Title speaks for itself...

The campaign is coming along great & the launch event is beyond exciting!

Please keep visiting we are constantly updating pictures from shoot in London & LA, as well as some guests people who have sent their photo's in.
*Melody Eh$ani*

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I know, I know!

It's been crazy since i last blogged... A TON of things, projects, issues, blessings etc etc been happening, one project which is very close to my heart is

which is a event im holding in London this year in support of Resources for Autism, a London based Charity (see previous blog below), as you may or may not know, i spend my time between UK & LA therefor i figured why not approach my good friends over there to help me with an awareness campaign for the event....& put it this way, didn't just receive there help in LA, i now have some suprise guests for the event in London ;)

Friday, March 27, 2009


Ok so i was tempted to forget my blog all together then suddenly had a change of heart, more posts coming soooon!!

Still in LA enjoying life & learning along the way...i learn something new everyday here, about people, work, culture (from what there is anyway) thing is i'm grateful for people around me & not so much for others lol but again its all a learning process :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Saturday, February 14, 2009


Ok so i realise i'm not too great and blogging on a regular basis, soooo the last few days i'm just going to write in bullet points!

  • In LA now in a cute little apartment way way way up in the Hollywood Hills, it was a shocker for me going their for the 1st time as was with my friend Jack and we just kept going up and up and up...i think i found my hike route put it that way! The view is outstanding though, something else!
  • Was good to see Jack the first day, iv known Jack for years from London but he now lives in LA which is cool as it's good to know someone from back home....the morning after i arrived he took me on a hike..when u think hike or when i think hike i think 1 or 2 miles..oh no this mofo took me on a 5.2 treck up bloody mount everest!!!!!!!!!!!!! He did say the view from the top makes it worth it and he was right so i'll let him off...but i cant see me doing that specific hike tooo often!!
  • Got to be reunited with my LA (but British inside friend) Ayda. She came round and we just chilled and caught up which is always good with her cause she's so real and as much as i hear crap about LA ppl, i realise it's not ppl raised in LA, it's people in other cities in America who come here that are the jaded type which i still don't get but hey.
  • Then last night met my big sister Monica Payne which anyone who knows me will now how happy i would of been as i love this women! We went to Hyde as it was her friends night and was fun, Hyde is sooooooo small but still we had fun :)
  • Tonight going with Monica to see Babyface perform which i'm super super excited about as one of his songs is going to be my wedding song (have a guess?) then she also said more things are in store but i don't quite know yet, will see how the night goes, it's LA so anything is possible..literally!!
Overall just feel like i'm back to my home away from always just settled here & get straight back to my routine, still have ALOT of catching up to do with so many people but iv only been here 2 days so i got plenty of time!

Will be updating again soon & i have got to upload pics, all my good one's are on my blackberry so i gotta sort that out!!